Boundaries FAQ


In conjunction with a new requirement outlined in your insurance renewal letter, along with the announcement that our Board of Directors voted to approve two new amendments to our governing bylaws, many of you have asked questions regarding the new mandatory student sexual abuse prevention training.  Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who is required to complete the training?

All charter school staff, including part-time, and seasonal staff such as athletic coaches.

When does the course need to be completed?

Each employee is required to complete mandated training within 90 days of the release date, until January 1, 2020. If hired later, the employee must complete training on first day of employment.

How often does the course need to be completed?

This mandate must be satisfied by each employee annually to avoid reduced insurance limits for sexual abuse and molestation liability claims.

How long is the training course?

The course is 53 minutes.

How can the training be accessed?

The training will be available through School administrators should contact Mae Washington at if login assistance is needed. If your school doesn’t currently utilize, you may access the training through CharterSAFE Learning Center (our new online learning platform).

Why is this a new requirement?

The new training mandate serves both our efforts to reduce sexual abuse and molestation incidents and to facilitate better terms with the insurance carriers that will conditionally continue to provide comprehensive coverage and limits for sexual abuse claims. As a result of the increasing frequency and severity of sexual misconduct claims, the traditional insurance market is offering less than $10 million of liability limits for sexual abuse. Fortunately, we are able to continue providing $30 million in limits with the same quality coverage by implementing and enforcing this training mandate.

What happens if the training isn’t completed by employees?

Schools that satisfy this requirement will continue to enjoy the full $30 million per occurrence and annual aggregate for sexual abuse and molestation claims, but those who fail to satisfy this requirement will have a $10 million annual aggregate limit for sexual abuse and molestation claims. Please note that numerous molestation-related lawsuits in California have far exceeded $10 million.

Is the state Mandated Reporter or Sexual Harassment training still required?

Yes! This training course does not replace the state Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training or Sexual Harassment trainings. These courses continue to be available to CharterSAFE members through