California charter schools operate in a dynamic political and regulatory environment and carry risks as employers, facilities managers and youth serving organizations to name a few. CharterSAFE is proud to partner to schools across the state in developing and maintaining compliant, sustainable operational processes focused on mitigating risk. 

With that in mind, the CharterSAFE Risk Management team has developed the Charter School Operations Annual Toolkit which includes resources, templates and reminders of important operational tasks to be completed or reviewed by your team throughout the school year. The toolkit will be released one month at a time, at the start of each month during the 2020-2021 school year to ensure the information provided is timely, relevant and up to date.  

In addition to risk management resources, you will also find information on a specific insurance coverage or claims processes to help familiarize your team with your school’s  comprehensive CharterSAFE insurance program.

We hope you find these resources helpful throughout the school year. The safer each of our schools are, the lower our claims and insurance costs will be. It is a fruitful collective effort. 

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