Childhood Sexual Assault Prevention Training FAQ


Childhood sexual assault is an epidemic that continues to impact schools and other student-serving organizations. To keep your students and your school safe, all employees and student teachers must recognize and understand the grooming and boundary violations that happen well before an assault occurs. As with prior years, CharterSAFE mandates that all staff, take the Childhood Sexual Assault Prevention Training. 

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

Who is required to complete the training?

CharterSAFE mandates that all staff, including student teachers, part- time employees, athletic coaches, and seasonal staff take the CharterSAFE Childhood Sexual Assault Prevention Training. Although not required, it is recommended that school volunteers take the course as well.

When does the course need to be completed?

Members schools have until September 30, 2021, to ensure all employees are compliant with this mandated training. New employees have 42 days from the date of hire to complete the mandatory training.

How long is the training course?

The course is 42 minutes.

How can the training be accessed?

The training will be available through Vector Solutions (formerly SafeSchools). School administrators should contact Mae Washington at if login assistance is needed. If your school doesn't currently utilize Vector Solutions, you may access the training through CharterSAFE Learning Center If you want your staff to take the course on The CharterSAFE Learning Center, please send a request to

What happens if the training isn't completed by employees?

Member schools that do not have at least 90% of their employees compliant with this training will be assessed a $100,000 deductibel for any childhood sexual assault claims..

Is the state Mandated Reporter or Sexual Harassment training still required?

Yes! This training course does not replace the state Child Abuse Mandated Reporter training or Sexual Harassment trainings. These courses continue to be available to CharterSAFE members through Vector Solutions.