HR 102 - Wage & Hour Compliance: Part 1 (2024)

Your charter school has hired the right employees.  Now how do you pay them?  The next step is to understand the complexities surrounding California wage and hour laws and how to properly pay employees.  We will review the complex California labor laws including the various wage orders issued by the California Industrial Welfare Commission, and continue with a review of the definitions of workday, workweek and the state and local jurisdiction minimum wage regulations.  We will explain the duties and responsibilities of an employer to maintain adequate and accurate timekeeping records.  We will discuss the difference between an employee and an independent contractor, and how to handle volunteers and interns.  We will review all required information which needs to be on an employee's wage earning statement (paystub), including an explanation of permissible wage deductions.  And last, we will do a brief overview of when an employee needs to receive a final paycheck.

Duration:  60 minutes

**Please be advised the slide deck, the recording of this course, and certain material developed by CharterSAFE are copyrighted by CharterSAFE and are intended for the private use of our attendees.  Any unauthorized use, including reproduction and distribution, without the expressed written consent of CharterSAFE is prohibited.

Learning Outcomes:

Review the most common types of employee lawsuits and the result of a national study as well as a 3-1/2 year CharterSAFE claims history review of employee lawsuits.

Understand the key components of federal and California wage and hour laws.

Learn the definitions of workday and workweek, and the state minimum wage as well as local minimum wage ordinances.

Recognize the components of timekeeping and an employer's obligation for record keeping.

Identify the difference between an employee and an independent contractor including the provisions of AB 5 and the "ABC" Test.

Understand how to handle volunteers and interns.

Describe the legal requirements of information that needs to be shown on an employee's wage earning statement (paystub), and the acceptable ways to pay an employee.

Learn the requirements of wage deductions including garnishments and what to do if your charter school overpays an employee - how do you get the monies back?

Know when an employee's final paycheck needs to be provided.

Karla M. Ksan

Director, Human Resources Partner

With more than 25 years of Human Resources experience, Karla Ksan has a broad range of expertise in employee relations, compliance, benefit(health and retirement) administration, performance management, training anddevelopment, recruiting, compensation and payroll administration.  Karla has a Master's Degree in PublicAdministration from the University of Southern California, and has SPHR, PHRcaand SHRM-SCP designations from the Society for Human Resources Management andHR Certification Institute.  Karla also has a SHRM California Employment Law Micro-Credential.

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