HR 104 - Employee Relations – Performance Management

Your organization has employees…so how does a supervisor hold an employee accountable to do their job?  Welcome to the challenging world of performance management.  We will discuss the big picture of performance management – how it supports an employer’s decisions, what are the legal constraints, how a supervisor can establish goals and objectives for employees, how a supervisor can develop staff by providing feedback, and how does a supervisor set expectations.  We will provide coaching tips on how a supervisor can engage an employee while being aware of performance rater “errors”.  The second half of the course will take a detailed look at the purpose of an evaluation from the employer and employee’s perspective and how a supervisor can provide on-going feedback.  We will conclude with a review of a comprehensive checklist for supervisors to use to prepare for the annual review process.  This course can be assigned to supervisors who need coaching on how to manage their responsibilities in the performance review process.

Duration:  62 minutes

**Please be advised the slide deck, the recording of this course, and certain material developed by CharterSAFE are copyrighted by CharterSAFE and are intended for the private use of our attendees.  Any unauthorized use, including reproduction and distribution, without the expressed written consent of CharterSAFE is prohibited.

Learning Outcomes:

Learn about performance management and how effective staff performance reviews can be used to support the mission, goals and objectives of a school.    

Learn about How to provide effective feedback, and how to avoid rater bias.

Understand the performance review process and the purpose of performance evaluations.

Blair Reese PHR, PHRca

Associate Director, Human Resources Partner


With more than 16 years of Human Resources experience, Blair has a broad range of expertise in recruiting, hiring, compensation, payroll, compliance, training and development, performance management and employee relations. Blair has advanced certifications from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

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