HR 105 - Employee Relations - Disciplinary Actions

What happens when an employee’s performance or behavior negatively impacts an organization’s effectiveness?  Discipline is the process to help correct these deficiencies.  We will learn how to address an employee’s failure to perform or comply with the policies and procedures in your employee handbook.  We will discuss the types of disciplinary action, how to make an initial assessment of any employee issue and develop a game plan to encourage the employee to change their attitude or performance, or provide sufficient document to support a termination for cause.  This course can be assigned to supervisors who need coaching on how to manage their responsibilities in the performance review process.

Duration:  60minutes

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Learning Outcomes:

Review the purpose and function of Human Resources in an organization.

Learn how discipline fits in the life cycle of an employee’s engagement with your school and how hiring right can reduce potential future employee discipline issues.

Understand the purpose of discipline, and when and how to engage an employee in a compliant manner.  

Recognize the difference between an employee's failure to perform the duties detailed in a job description and failure to comply with the policies and procedures in an employee handbook.

Learn about the various types of disciplinary actions and how to use the proper discipline documentation to support a termination for cause when an employee fails to correct the inappropriate conduct or behavior. 

Review how to conduct an initial assessment of an employee relations issue.

Learn about common employee issues and which type of discipline documentation would be appropriate.

Review general observations regarding the entire discipline process.

Karla Ksan

Director, Human Resources


With more than 25 years of Human Resources experience, Karla has a broad range of expertise in employee relations, compliance, benefit (health and retirement) administration, performance management, training and development, recruiting, compensation and payroll administration. Karla has a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and has SPHR, PHRca, SHRM-SCP from the Society for Human Resources Management and Human Resources Certification Institute.

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