HR 107 - Leaves, Disabilities & Reasonable Accommodation: Part 2 (2023)

Because of the complex nature of leaves, leaves administration, disabilities and reasonable accommodation at the federal and state level, the material is divided into 2 courses.  HR 107 reviews the lesser known federal and California leaves as well as the most common optional employer provided leave for personal reasons.  Understanding which of these lesser known leaves applies to an employer based on the number of employees and if these lesser known leaves are paid or unpaid.  Review major provisions of the federal American With Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment & Housing Act as they relate to employment and disability accommodations.  Learn what constitutes a disability and the various ways an employer can learn about an individual's disability.  Understand the employer's obligation to engage an individual in the interactive process to determine what, if any, accommodations may be provided. We will focus on best practice recommendations for compliant leave administration and the interactive process.  This course was updated in May 2023.

Duration:  80 minutes

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Learning Outcomes:

Learn about the following lesser known federal and state leaves:  Voting Time Off, OSHA (unaddressed workplace safety issues), Military, Crime or Abuse Victim and Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault/Stalking, School Appearance/Suspension, Jury & Witness Duty, Volunteer Civil Service emergency duty and training, Organ Donor/Bone Marrow Donor, Civil Air Patrol, School & Child Care Activities, Adult Literacy, Drug or Alcohol Rehabilitation, Military Spouse, and Bereavement Leave.

Learn which of these lesser known federal and state leaves apply to an employer based on the number of employees.

Learn about the most common employer provided leave - personal leave - and questions you should consider as you develop policies or review your existing policies.

Understand how various leaves interaction with each other.

Learn about the federal Americans With Disabilities Act and the California Fair Employment & Housing Act, and how these regulations impact the entire employment relationship.

Understand why an employer cannot discriminate against individuals with disabilities.

Understand the definition of disabilities and types of accommodations as well as what are not accommodations.

Learn about the interactive dialogue process:  purpose, employer obligation to engage, what constitutes an employer undue hardship, and implementation and monitoring accommodations.

Review best practice recommendations for compliant leave administration and interactive dialogue process.

Karla Ksan

Director, Human Resources


With more than 25 years of Human Resources experience, Karla has a broad range of experience in employee relations, compliance, benefits (health and retirement) administration, performance management, training and development, recruiting, compensation and payroll administration.  Karla has a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and has SPHR, PHRca, and SHRM-SCP designations from the Society of Human Resources Management and the Human Resources Certification Institute.

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