HR 108 - Discrimination, Harassment & Retaliation

California charter schools are required to comply with federal and California regulations to provide a safe workplace for their employees free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  This course will review what constitutes discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and how workplace bullying, abusive conduct and hostile work environment are manifested in a school workplace. We will review the steps your charter school should take to ensure your organization is providing your employees with an inclusive and respectful workplace by covering how to prevent and address inappropriate workplace conduct.

Duration:  80 minutes

**Please be advised the slide deck, the recording of this course, and certain material developed by CharterSAFE are copyrighted by CharterSAFE and are intended for the private use of our attendees.  Any unauthorized use, including reproduction and distribution, without the expressed written consent of CharterSAFE is prohibited.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand what constitutes discrimination, harassment, retaliation, workplace bullying, abusive conduct and hostile work environment in a school workplace.

Learn how discrimination, harassment and retaliation are manifested in a school environment.

Discuss real-time situations to identify employee behavioral patterns in a charter school environment which are detrimental to your operations.

Review forms and templates to address inappropriate conduct. 

Discuss steps to prevent and address inappropriate workplace conduct.

Blair Reese PHR, PHRca

Associate Director, Human Resources Partner


With more than 16 years of Human Resources experience, Blair has a broad range of expertise in recruiting, hiring, compensation, payroll, compliance, training and development, performance management and employee relations. Blair has advanced certifications from the Human Resources Certification Institute.

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