HR 110 - Terminations & Resignations

An employee decides to resign or your charter schools needs to terminate an employee for failing to perform the essential functions of their job description or violating a school policy or procedure.  What needs to be done?  This course will explain various types of separations - voluntary (resignation), involuntary (layoff or termination for cause) and "hybrid" (resignation in lieu of termination and job abandonment), the logistics to handle each type of separation, the potential costs to defend against an employee's claim for wrongful termination, steps to take when an employee threatens to sue your charter school, and our best practice recommendations.  We will also review forms, templates and checklists in our Handout section which will help a school navigate the separation process in a legal and compliant manner.     

Duration:  105 minutes

**Please be advised the slide deck, the recording of this course, and certain material developed by CharterSAFE are copyrighted by CharterSAFE and are intended for the private use of our attendees.  Any unauthorized use, including reproduction and distribution, without the expressed written consent of CharterSAFE is prohibited.

Learning Outcomes:

Understand what "at-will" employment means and learn about the different types of separations which end an individual's employment at a charter school.  

Learn about the steps to take before, during and after any separation of employment.   

Review forms, templates and checklists to support a legal and compliant separation of employment.

Discuss when to consider offering a separation agreement to a departing employee.

Learn about "waiting time penalties", a charter school's cost to defend against an employee's wrongful termination claim and how to prepare for a possible lawsuit.

Review our best practice recommendations for any type of separation of employment.

Karla Ksan

Director, Human Resources


With more than 25 years of Human Resources experience, Karla has a broad range of expertise in employee relations, compliance, benefit (health and retirement) administration, performance management, training and development, recruiting, compensation and payroll administration. Karla has a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and has SPHR, PHRca, SHRM-SCP from the Society for Human Resources Management and Human Resource Certification Institute.

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