WEB 104 – Stress Claims: Mitigate, Manage & Defend (2020 CCSA Presentation/Webinar)

Stress claims are a growing trend within the workers compensation arena and the parameters for compensability are being challenged and altered on a more frequent basis. Guidance will be provided on ways to mitigate stress in the work place, measures that can be taken to manage employee stress and proactive approaches to keep stress from becoming a litigated issue. 

This course was originally developed as a poster session for the 2020 California Charter Schools Association Conference and then modified into a webinar format for attendee viewing.

Duration:  15 minutes

Susan Diamanti

Director, Workers Compensation

Susan Diamanti has over 20 years of experience in the field of California Workers’ Compensation. Susan has worked for Gallagher Bassett Services and Travelers Insurance Co. As a senior adjuster, she handled all aspects of claim management including investigation, litigated cases and catastrophic losses. She now serves as the Workers’ Compensation Director for CharterSAFE, providing advisory and analytical assistance to member schools. Susan has the designation of California Workers Compensation Claims Professional (WCCP) from The Institutes.

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